We all have gifts that are meant to build up God’s Kingdom. Here at St. Mary’s, there are a number of ways we could be strengthened by your involvement.

Click on the lists below to learn more about the many ways you can serve in our parish community. Still not sure where to serve? Click on the SKILLS-CONNECT button down below and we'll help you decide.

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About Volunteering at St. Mary’s

By sharing our gifts in the church’s ministries, we can experience each another in a deeper way as well as create a culture where people can encounter God who dwells and works in each of us. But where and how should I help?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out how to be more active in a parish. Some of our gifts might still be undiscovered! As we discern, we ask the Holy Spirit to motivate, direct, and inspire us so that we can join together to do the Church’s work effectively.

SERVE: Liturgical

  • Altar Servers

Altar Servers: For hundreds of years, young people have been helping to serve Mass by assisting the priest with vestments, lighting candles, ringing bells, holding the Sacramentaries, and saying prayers.

Both boys and girls who have celebrated their First Eucharist are eligible to serve. One two-hour training session is arranged every Fall at the church by the Altar Server Trainer. New servers are included on a Ministries Mass Schedule e-mailed out several times a year.

Coordinator: Keith Schneberger

Phone: (403) 932-2720 or (403) 510-1675

  • Greeters

Greeting those arriving for Mass is a ministry that is easy and enjoyable. It’s a wonderful way to become familiar with fellow parishioners and to welcome them into our beautiful church. It can be done as a family or individually.

Coordinator: Anna Rempel

Phone: (403) 981-2981

  • Bell Ringers

Bell ringers are trained in the ringing of the three bells in the tall bell tower of St. Mary’s Church. The bells are rung following weekend Masses.

Coordinator: Gustavo Aguilar

  • Liturgy Committee

The liturgical committee meets every couple of months to coordinate liturgical activities for the seasons of the Church Year (e.g. Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc.). The group includes the coordinators of the various Liturgical Ministries.

Coordinator: Elaine Van Oyen

  • Children's Liturgy (Age 5+)

Children (aged 5+) in Kindergarten to Grade Two are invited to participate in our activities during the Sunday Mass (October-May). The Liturgy of the Word is celebrated using age-adapted readings bringing the Word of God closer to the children's level of understanding. No registration is required.

Coordinator: Katherine Kinch Phone: (403) 241-5363

  • Music Ministry

Music ministry is a vital part of our weekly celebration of the Eucharist and the sacraments. New members are always welcome in our choir or as pianists or instrumentalists. We have a Youth Choir, too!

Music Coordinator: Elaine Van Oyen

Youth Choir: Brettly Battistone Phone: (587) 439-9536

  • Children's Sunday Circle (Ages 3-5)

Sunday Circle is a lectionary-based program for 3 to 5 year olds offered during the Sunday morning Mass. The program involves story telling, singing songs and a craft activity. Parents bring their children before Mass begins and the children return to the main assembly during the preparation of the gifts.

NOTE: People with child care experience such as babysitting and who like to work with children and youth are especially encouraged to volunteer for this ministry.

Coordinator: Robyn Toner Phone: (403) 851-7618

  • PowerPoint

The Powerpoint Coordinator is responsible for creating the Powerpoint slideshows for our weekend Masses and other special Masses. They also recruit, train, and schedule Powerpoint Operators and Image Researchers.

The Powerpoint Operator is responsible for running the Powerpoint slideshows during weekend and other special Masses.

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings

Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Church Decorating

The decorating committee plans, prepares, and decorates St. Mary's liturgical space for each season of the church year.

Coordinator: Cheryl Senecal Phone: (403) 981-1959

  • Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a simple devotion that demands little of its members' time but produces great spiritual rewards. When people find themselves in crisis situations or are concerned for loved ones, friends, acquaintances and others, they can request help through St. Mary's Prayer Chain.

Members of the Prayer Chain are dedicated men and women who pray a prayer of their choice each day for specific Prayer Chain intentions/requests.

Coordinator: Linda Nicol Phone: 403-932-1804

  • Eucharistic Ministers

Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest (and deacon) in serving the consecrated bread and wine (Christ's Body and Blood) to the congregation at every Mass. To participate in this liturgical ministry you must have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation in the Catholic Church. If you are married, you must have been married in the Catholic Church. Training is provided. Ministers are appointed for terms of 3 years.

Coordinator: Blossom Braganza Phone: (587) 362-1226

Assistant: Pat Surowski

  • Readers

The Readers' Ministry is critical to St Mary's parish to assist in the celebration of the Mass and at other events such as Reconciliation services. For the Mass, readers commit to bringing the First and Second readings and Prayers of the Faithful to the congregation.

A strong, clear speaking voice and a commitment to making the readings both vibrant and understandable is the goal of each reader. Initial training with ongoing development is offered.

Coordinator: May Depositer Phone: (403) 851-6558

  • Funeral Mass Assistance Team

a) Funeral Mass Coordinator arranges for Adult Altar Servers, Greeters, PowerPoint operators and the Reception/Lunch at the church.

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings Phone: (403) 932-2944

b) Adult Servers assist the priest during the Mass and at Communion time.

Coordinator: Dermot O'Neill Phone: (403) 208-7619

c) Funeral Greeters meet and welcome those attending the funeral.

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings Phone: (403) 932-2944

d) Reception/Lunch Committee provides refreshments for family and friends at the funeral.

Coordinator: Marie Evans Phone (cell): (403) 540-3349

Coordinator: Terri Peters Phone (cell): (403) 512-9020

e) PowerPoint Operator runs the overhead visuals at the funeral Mass.

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings Phone: (403) 932-2944

Coordinator: Chris Carvalho Phone: (403) 851-8848

  • Sacristy Team

The Sacristy Ministry sets up all the sacred articles that are used during Mass. Training is provided.

The Sacristy Caretaker duties: All the vessels that are used during the Masses are washed. The holy water fonts are washed and refilled. And the votive candles in the Day Chapel are replaced.

Sacristy Laundry duties: Since having the Eucharist under both species, we use more linens/towels. The used linens are picked up on the weekend or during the week by volunteers to launder and return within the following week. Training/instruction is required.

Sacristans Coordinator: N/A

  • Gift Bearers

Couples or families present the gifts (bread, wine) to represent the community after the Prayer of the Faithful at weekend masses. Following the collection of the offerings, the gifts are brought forward to the altar.

We coordinate our volunteers with a master schedule sent out every few months.

Coordinator: Brenda Stang Phone: (403) 932-9884

  • Ushers

Ushers help to ensure that all Masses go smoothly. Our ushers know St. Marys' will be judged by how they act and respond to the needs of parishioners. They also participate fully in the liturgy and are seen as leaders in our church community. Ushers watch for safety issues such as First Aid, Fire, or other emergencies. Some Ushers also volunteer to lock up the Church after the weekend Masses. For more details, click here to read the "Guidelines for Ushers."

Coordinator: Wendell Peters Phone: (403) 932-4665

SERVE: Administrative

  • Bulletin, Weekly

The Bulletin Manager works with the Parish Office/administration to produce relevant parish news for the week. The manager is also part of the Social Media Team (Facebook, Flocknote, website) in developing an electronic copy of the Bulletin for distribution to parishioners each week. Typing and computer skills are an asset.

Coordinator: Donna Wasson

Phone the Parish Office: (403) 932-2944

  • Landscape Maintenance (Year-Round)

St. Mary's Landscape maintenance is a year-round endeavour. In the winter, it's shovelling the sidewalks and church entrance ways of snow. In the spring and summer, it's garden maintenance, and in the Fall, it's outdoor cleanup! Volunteers are required for these jobs and are generally coordinated and scheduled through the Parish Office.

Coordinator: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Collection Counters

Collection Counters meet once a week to do a count of all money collected from various sources on the weekend as well as miscellaneous items from the preceding week. We count, balance, and ready the bank deposit. Previous experience in these tasks is an asset but not necessary as we train all volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers.

Coordinator: Greg Braganza Phone: (587) 362-1226

Assistant: June Alford Phone: (403) 932-9637

  • Office Assistance

Office volunteers are regularly needed to help out with clerical duties at the church. These may include:

  • photocopying weekly Parish Bulletins,

  • folding and putting inserts into Bulletins,

  • typing letters and memos,

  • telephone assistance,

  • stocking pews with various donation envelopes,

  • helping with various preparations for Christmas and Holy Week,

  • assisting in the mailing out of information to parishioners,

  • data entry and filing

  • and more . . .

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Connections Gift Shop

Located in the Gathering Area, our hospitality and gift shop, known as CONNECTIONS is also a centre for communication and information. One volunteer manages the shop for each weekend Mass. All new volunteers receive an orientation. Our many services include assistance for new parishioners, religious gift items for sale, Mass cards for parishioners, and a Lending Library for special request DVDs.

Coordinator: Rosa Iannantuoni

  • Supply Pickup

Supply Pick-up volunteers assist the parish by picking up supplies such as groceries for Divine Grounds, the publications used by various ministries, items for the Office, and so on, either from Cochrane or from Calgary on a regular or occasional basis.

Coordinator: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Facebook/Social Media

The Facebook Manager is responsible for regular posting, reading, and updating the St. Mary's parish Facebook page.

Coordinator: Charlene Jennings Phone: (403) 981-9425

  • Transportation to Mass

The Transportation Ministry assists parishioners who are unable to transport themselves to Church. These volunteers pick up and return these parishioners to their homes. Volunteers specify which week-end or daily Mass they wish to attend so that transportation can be coordinated.

Coordinator: Lorraine Perrin Phone: (403) 932-7772

  • Finance Council

The Finance Council is responsible for overseeing the financial administration needs of the Parish, including the preparation / monitoring of the annual budget for operating and capital expenditures. This involves all past, present and future spending and provides direction for fundraising activities and stewardship into the future. The council maintains an ongoing dialogue with parishioners, informing them on our financial status while embracing the views and interests of the whole Parish. New members are appointed by the Pastor in consultation with the Council.

Coordinator: Gordon Gieck Phone:(403) 239-6726

  • Water Valley Cemetery Ministry

The Water Valley Cemetery Coordinator assists those St. Mary's parishioners wishing to have a loved one buried at Water Valley Cemetery north of Cochrane. At least a week's notice for making these arrangements is appreciated.

Coordinator: Greg Braganza Phone: (587) 362-1226

  • Flocknote/Social Media

The Flocknote Newsletter coordinator takes care of St. Mary's Flocknote account and updates critical information sent out to parishioners each week.

Coordinator: Darryl Goyetche Phone: (403) 542-5100

  • Website/Social Media

The Parish Website is a collaborative effort. The webmaster works with Parish Administration and the Ministry contacts to keep St. Mary's website pages current. Internet/web and computer competency are assets. Duties include weekly site management, updating and coordination, content maintenance, and web publishing.

Coordinator/Webmaster: Sharon Mogen

Phone: (403) 851-5520

  • Grocery Card Fundraising Team

The Grocery Card Fundraiser has been very successful over the past several years. Its main purpose is to help pay down our mortgage. The "Grocery Cards" table is situated in the Gathering area and is manned by volunteer "sellers" after weekend Masses. A schedule for volunteer sellers is sent out 2-3 times per year.

Coordinator: Cathie Slager Phone: (403) 932-3116

SERVE: Outreach

  • Cochrane Catholic Schools Liaison

The three Catholic schools in CochraneHoly Spirit Elementary School, St. Timothy Junior-Senior High School, and École Notre-Dame des Vallées (French immersion school)—retain close ties with St. Mary's parish. Fr. Dennis visits them regularly and the students and their parents rely on our church community for assistance with sacramental preparation and initiation. St. Mary's provides teams of volunteers to aid in the faith formation of students as they prepare for the sacraments of Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. Volunteer adults who wish to assist on these sacramental teams may contact the Parish Office to indicate their interest in helping.

Coordinator: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Interchurch Representatives

Interfaith volunteers from St. Mary's represent our parish in Diocesan and local ecumenical initiatives.

Contact: Deacon Ron Fortier Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Development & Peace

Development and Peace is the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and is the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis. The organization is a community, diocesan, and national outreach aimed at social justice for those in need. To read how the Development and Peace outreach operates, click here.

Contact: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team of volunteers arranges the spiritual support needed by St. Mary's parishioners or their loved ones. Prayer service, administration of the Eucharist, and home visits are offered. Regular visits to Bethany Care Centre and Big Hill Lodge in Cochrane are part of our mandate, too.

To serve on our team and to comply with the Diocese of Calgary's requirements, a Pastoral Care Program is necessary for volunteers. For information call our coordinator.

Coordinator: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

  • Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry volunteers at St. Mary's are assigned to help serve a meal at St. Mary's Cathedral in Calgary each year at Easter and/or Thanksgiving.

Coordinator: David Delainey Phone: (403) 241-2634

  • St. Timothy's School Breakfast

The St. Timothy's School Breakfast volunteers cook and/or serve breakfast to students who come to school without breakfast or lunch.

Coordinator: Kim McLean Phone: (403) 851-6664

  • Food Drive

Food Drive volunteers at St. Mary's Parish help with food collections in Cochrane in Spring and Fall in affiliation with the Cochrane Activettes' Food Drive.

Coordinator: Leah Peach Phone: (403) 851-1660

  • RCIA Team

RCIA catechists (volunteers) journey with unbaptized adults, children, and youth who wish to become Catholic. The RCIA process is also meant for those who are baptized in other Churches, and for those baptized Catholics who have not celebrated Confirmation and First Eucharist. To become an RCIA catechist, one must have been an active parishioner at St. Mary's for at least two years and committed to passing on the Catholic faith employing Holy Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

To volunteer, contact:

Parish Office: (403) 932-2944

  • Helping Hands

Helping Hands volunteers at St. Mary's are organized in partnership with Cochrane Family and Community Support Services. They assist with community needs/requests such as: lawn care for seniors, driving those without transportation, respite care for parents with young children, moving help, home maintenance and cleaning, educational and language assistance, and many more activities. This ministry also works with in conjunction with the Cochrane Activettes' Food Bank.

Coordinator: Leah Peach Phone: (403) 851-1660

  • Visits to the Sick

This ministry operates in coordination with the Pastoral
Care Team and involves visiting those parishioners who are sick or home-bound.

Coordinator: Parish Office Phone: (403) 932-2944

SERVE: Connecting

If you find that your interests and talents fit more with fellowship and social (connecting) activities, check HERE!