Whoooo's got their grocery cards?

Our Grocery Card Fundraiser is a great way to GIVE at St. Mary's!

This important project has been making significant headway toward our Mortgage Pay-Down!!

The profits for 2019 were $16,530.00. Profits for 2020 were $9,300.00. And profits are picking up mid-way through 2021 despite the pandemic. Thanks to all who support this worthy fundraiser!!

St. Mary's Grocery Card Fundraiser Program


    • Grocery Cards are available after Mass on the weekends or at the Parish Office during office hours.

    • You can purchase yours with DEBIT, cash, cheque, MASTERCARD or VISA.

    • During the pandemic, the debit / credit card machine is sanitized carefully after each use. We are respectful of social distancing. And, the door handles into the office area are sanitized before and after someone comes in.

    • OFFICE HOURS are:

            • Mon. – Thurs.. 8 am - 2 pm

            • Fri. 9 am - 1 pm

            • Closed all Stat. holidays

    • Using the cards, you may shop at your preferred store and St. Mary's benefits from the discounts. We have cards for:

        • Co-op ( 9% profit !!)

        • NoFrills/Superstore (5% profit)

        • Safeway/Sobeys (5% profit)

        • Save On Foods (6% profit)

    • AND DID YOU KNOW??!! The cards can also be used TO BUY YOUR GAS!!!


        • THE GROCERY CARD PROGRAM has truly been a Win-Win fundraiser. You only have to spend dollar for dollar on each and every $100 Gift Card you buy. That way, the discounts are used to help take down St. Mary's Mortgage payments!

THANKS again for all your support!

Till next time,

Helen (A.K.A. the Owl Lady)

For more info or to volunteer, contact Helen Stock, phone (403) 932-2782 or Cathie Slager, phone (403) 932-3116.

And, find other ways you can support our parish and diocese HERE.