Each of us are at a different place on the journey of faith. What's important is that we're on the journey together and we challenge each other to keep taking the next step forward. Are you willing to go deeper?

Consider the opportunities listed below . . .


a video series on the Holy Spirit available NOW with weekly ZOOM meetings for discussion in JANUARY 2022

THE WILD GOOSE SERIES is a 14-part video series with Fr. Dave Pivonka. The Wild Goose Series is about discovering a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. Interested parishioners may watch the videos at home at their own convenience and then—starting Wednesday, January 12th at 7 pm— join three weekly Zoom meetings (Jan. 12, 19 and 26) to share questions and experiences. See the teaser/trailer HERE.

Parish Coordinators: Josie and John Wandzura along with Cathy and Jay Sandquist


The 14-part video series can be located free of charge HERE.

— The Study Guide is available online HERE or at the Parish office free of charge.

Contact the Parish Secretary if interested in participating in the Zoom meetings.

WHAT ARE THE GOALS of the Wild Goose?

Father Dave states,

" My desire is that people come to experience a relationship with the Holy Spirit. That the Holy Spirit is not simply something that one experiences once at Confirmation or at Baptism, but that it is a sustained relationship that leads us and awakes us to Jesus. I'm more and more convinced that too many people are trying to live this life apart from the Holy Spirit. It's not possible. It simply isn't possible. All that Christ did and said doesn't make sense apart from the Holy Spirit."


1. God's Love Poured Out

2. Breath of God

3. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

4. The Spirit and Our Lady

5. Gifts of the Spirit

6. The Spirit and the Eucharist

7. The Spirit of Adoption

8. The Spirit and the Sacraments

9. The Fruits of the Spirit

10. The Spirit and the Desert

11. The Spirit Convicts

12. The Spirit's Freedom

13. The Spirit's Witness

14. The Spirit Remembers

ALPHA (Available Lent 2022)

Information coming prior to Lent 2022.

Coordinators: Nick & Sarah Simoni


Our Faith/Bible Studies provide an opportunity to discuss and explore God’s Word, the history and richness of our faith, and current issues in the light of our faith. Sessions are often set up as eight-week events. The once-per-week meetings are held in the Christ the King Chapel at the church on Thursdays at 7 pm. During the pandemic we have met via ZOOM. Everyone is welcome to participate. Come for all the sessions or come to the ones that are most convenient.

Coordinator: Linda Michaud Phone: (587) 891-2662


The Lending Library Ministry organizes and manages St. Mary's print/electronic resources. The LIBRARY collection is on display in the centre meeting room at the back of the church.

To browse the list of Resources available, click on any of the following:

The BORROWING TERM for all library materials is 2 WEEKS. The sign-out sheet is available in the Library area. Please return all library materials to the Library-Return basket.

We also have DVDs by Special Request — these DVDs can be requested via e-mail at: Attention: Nathene Arthur.

  • See the TITLE LIST of Special Request DVDs, HERE.

  • Special Request DVDs asked for by 5pm on Thursday will be available for pick-up in the Connections Gift Shop area on the weekend.

  • The borrowing period for the Special DVDs is ONE WEEK. Please return Special Request DVDs to a return basket located in the Connections Gift Shop area. These DVDs come from a private collection.

Donations of library materials (faith-based videos, books, DVD's for any and all ages) are gratefully accepted. The library is especially in need of youth/teen materials. Small donations may be left in the Library Return basket. With large donations, please contact our Librarian/Coordinator.

Coordinator: Rosa Iannantuoni


Located in the Gathering Area is our hospitality and gift shop known as CONNECTIONS. It is also a centre for communication and information. One volunteer manages the shop for each weekend Mass. Our many services include the sale of devotional gift items for sacramental remembrances, Catholic books, greeting cards, and more.

Click HERE for further information. And if you'd like to VOLUNTEER your help, click HERE.

Coordinator: Rosa Iannantuoni

RCIA (The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and Children/Youth)

SACRAMENTS for CHILDREN 7 Years and Older, Not Baptized, and for ADULTS THINKING about JOINING the CHURCH or ADULTS who are baptized Catholic but have not celebrated the sacraments of First Eucharist or Confirmation

SACRAMENTS for Catholics (click HERE)

If you’re not Catholic or have been away from the Church for a while

We invite you to rediscover Jesus and the Catholic faith again.

Are you ready to join our parish family?

Click HERE to register.