Our History

For over 125 years, St. Mary's has strived to be a welcoming place where people’s lives can be transformed by the love of God. We aren't a perfect people, but we continue in our efforts to build a rich history of serving and supporting Catholic faith in Cochrane. Take a moment to learn the history of our beloved parish in the documentation below.

The First 100 Years at St. Mary's was preserved in a book written in 1995 by parishioner, Bev Pamenter. 

Click on the Book Cover to open the digitized copy.

NOTE: Learn more about the origins of our parish in this article from the (CHAPS) Cochrane Historical Museum blog of Sept. 10, 2022 as gleaned from Big Hill Country by Marjorie Spicer, et al (1978). 

Continue below with a summary of the early years of the Parish along with incidental events since the Centennial (1995) up to the present day. We've included some old photos (many borrowed from the Glenbow Museum) and numerous "modern" photos to enhance the story. Enjoy reading these abbreviated memories. 

The History of St. Mary's Parish