Stewardship: Time, Talent, Treasure

Parish Fundraising

Grocery Cards Fundraiser . . . still in operation during the COVID-19 emergency (with special precautions)

  • Hello St Mary's!

  • This fundraiser has been making significant headway toward our Mortgage Pay-Down!!

  • The profits for 2019 (Jan. to Dec. 2019) were $16,530.00. Profits to August 2020 = $6615.00.


    • Grocery Cards are still available at the Parish Office.

    • You can purchase yours with DEBIT, cash, cheque, MASTERCARD or VISA; the debit / credit card machine is sanitized carefully after each use

    • We are respectful of social distancing

    • Door handles into the office area are sanitized before and after someone comes in.

    • OFFICE HOURS are:

            • Mon. – Thurs.. 8 am - 2 pm

            • Fri. 9 am - 1 pm

            • Closed all Stat. holidays

    • Using the cards, you may shop at your preferred store and St. Mary's benefits from the discounts. We have cards for:

        • Co-op (back up to 9% profit !!)

        • NoFrills/Superstore (5% profit)

        • Safeway/Sobeys (5% profit)

        • Save On Foods (6% profit)

    • AND DID YOU KNOW??!! The cards can also be used TO BUY YOUR GAS!!!


        • THE GROCERY CARD PROGRAM has truly been a Win-Win fundraiser. You only have to spend dollar for dollar on each and every $100 Gift Card you buy. That way, the discounts are used to help take down St. Mary's Mortgage payments.

    • THANKS again for all your support!

Till next time,

Helen A.K.A. the Owl Lady

On Being a Steward

STEWARDSHIP of Time, Talent, Treasure

STEWARDSHIP is a complete and total way of life. It acknowledges our dependence on God for all we have and all we are. Stewardship of our time, talent and treasure lies at the heart of a Christian life. In short, it's something we do; it's the way we live. As Christian stewards, we receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them in loving justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord. Click HERE for a STEWARDSHIP PRAYER.

Stewardship of TREASURE

Please consider the spiritual and practical benefits of a pre-authorized commitment to the Stewardship of Treasure. Your gifts toward weekly Sunday offerings, the Building Fund, Together in Action, and other Catholic charities can be handled by Direct Debit, MasterCard or Visa simply with your pre-authorization.

  • Click HERE for the necessary FORMS. Fill out your preferred method of contribution. Then drop your signed pre-authorization into the collection basket next time you're at Mass, or hand-deliver or fax it to the Parish Office. NOTE: the signed form may be scanned and EMAILED to the Parish Secretary.

  • CLICK HERE to learn how you can support the 2016-17 "FUNDING OUR FREEDOM" Campaign. CLICK HERE for the printable forms.

  • If considering a plan for CHARITABLE GIFTING, we welcome and most graciously accept your generosity. To request more information, email Jim Biblow or phone at (403) 880-5444.

Stewardship of TIME and TALENT

One of the greatest gifts God gives us is our TIME. When we hand back a portion of each day to the One who made all our days, without thinking about what we get in return, we are living the life of a steward. Please prayerfully ponder the descriptions of the various MINISTRIES St. Mary's offers and begin your discernment.

Additionally, every one of us has something we can do to help others. The gift of our TALENTS invites us to recognize, cherish and share our God-given abilities. How can YOU enrich your parish's faith family? Read this BROCHURE about Catholic stewardship. Then print a STEWARDSHIP/ VOLUNTEER FORM and sign up for the ministry(s) of your choice. Drop the completed form into the collection basket next time you're at Mass, or deliver it to the Parish Office, or mail it to us. Or fill out the ONLINE FORM.