Dear Parishioners of St. Mary’s:

Thank you for your thoughtful participation in the parishioner survey sent out earlier this year (February2022). Your input is very important and the results give our parish the direction to focus on what areas you have identified as particularly important.

Below is a copy of the results. If you wish to receive a hard copy, please contact Charlene at the Parish Office and she will accommodate you. In the Fall, of 2022, working groups will be established to work on each priority going forward and you will be invited to take part in this important work for our parish.

Thank you for gauging the current health of our parish and identifying the current needs of our parish to move us forward.

God bless,

Your Parish Council:

Joann Churchill - Chair

Dean Schneider – Vice-Chair

Jennifer Foy- Secretary

Adele Scott - Member

Lana McNeice - Member

Anne Carvalho - Member

Fr. Dennis - Member

Deacon Ron - Member

St. Mary's Parishioner Survey Results - May, 2022.pdf