Calendar, Schedules & Reports

To keep parishioners informed about dates, times, places, and events, St. Mary's provides a calendar, volunteer schedules and important committee reports. See the sections below.

St.  Mary's Calendar of Events 

Click on the event you are searching.  A dialogue bubble will appear. Click on "more details." This will allow you to get full information about that event or add it to your own calendar.

St. Mary's Volunteer Schedule  "NEW" schedule for Apr. 15, 2023  through Sept. 24, 2023 (revised Apr. 2, 2023). VOLUNTEERS: If you are unable to make it on the date you are scheduled, we ask that you find a replacement or work with your group co-ordinator to find a replacement. Note regarding Saturday Divine Grounds – this has been left off the schedule for the time being.  It may be scheduled at a later date by the ministry lead. Thank you for all that you do for our parish family.

Schedule Apr to Sep 2023.pdf

Grocery Cards Seller Schedule (included in Volunteer Schedule above)

St. Mary's Committee Reports