During the pandemic of 2020-2021 are You Missing the Sound of the Choir at St. Mary's? Then you need to listen to our Virtual Choir . . .

Message from Nathene Arthur, Choir Director:

Parishioners, family, and friends have been invited to video themselves singing WITH the backtrack to selected songs. Participants needed to wear a headset or ear buds. Then, once the singers had video-taped themselves singing, the final choir presentation was assembled by Lisa at with copy to Nathene at

1) In AUGUST 2020 the Virtual Choir produced the hymn: "Let There Be Peace"—thanks for everyone's help.

To the right, is a list of hymns performed later in 2020:

2) The song for SEPTEMBER was "There Is A Longing." (top, right)

3) During the months of OCTOBER/NOVEMBER, St. Mary's Virtual Choir worked on "Bread of Angels."

4) Then, for ADVENT, the choir performed "Come, Come Emmanuel."

5) DECEMBER 2020, the hymn chosen was "Angels We Have Heard On High." CLICK ON THE PICTURE to hear and see the results.

6) The Song for FEBRUARY 2021 was "How Can I Keep From Singing."

Stay tuned for future updates.

Want more information? Contact: Nathene at or Lisa at

Visual Meditation

"Sacred Solitude" is a visual meditation— walking through St. Mary's Sacred Garden—using the photography of Warren Harbeck, the piano arrangement of Joel Rosenberger, and the hymn "In the Garden" by C. Austin Miles.

Charlene Gale's Retirement Party, January 10, 2020

Charlene served over 11 years as Parish Secretary and worked with 3 priests at St. Mary's. She has added immensely to our parish and we are forever grateful. Best wishes, Charlene, on a wonderful and exciting retirement!

—photos courtesy of Warren Harbeck

Fr. Dennis is Installed as Pastor of St. Mary's, September 21, 2019

. . . Photos courtesy of Michael Michaud, St. Mary's Parishioner

70th Anniversary at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre, August 2019

. . . Photos courtesy of Warren Harbeck

Cochrane Walk of the Cross 2019, Good Friday

. . . Photos courtesy of Warren Harbeck

Bishop McGrattan Visits St. Mary's, February 1-3, 2019

. . . Photos courtesy of Warren Harbeck

Ladies of St. Mary's 2018 "Cookie Walk" Sale, November 24, 2018

Photos courtesy of Warren Harbeck

100 Bells at St. Mary's November 11, 2018

. . . Marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I . . .

Filipino Fiesta April 14, 2018

. . . Video courtesy of Daisy McKinnon

Father Andrew's Retirement Celebration July 22, 2017

. . . Photos courtesy Warren Harbeck

St. Mary's New Church 10th Anniversary

On June 13, 2017 Parishioners and Father Andrew celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the blessing of St. Mary's Church by Bishop Henry and thanked our Ministry volunteers for their help throughout the year!

A Visit from Bishop Emeritus, Fred Henry 2017

Bishop Fred Henry (then in the early weeks of his retirement) visited our parish on March 30 to speak about the meaning of Lent. He issued a challenge to St. Mary's parishioners: "What would Jesus do?"

Walk of the Cross on Good Friday, April 14, 2017

This event is held each year in Cochrane for all Christian communities. St. Mary's has always played an important part.

More Works of Mercy for the Jubilee Year of Mercy 2016 Celebrated by Our Parish

This display illustrates the ongoing Diocesan Works of Mercy and St. Mary's contribution to its success.

St. Mary's Sacred Garden Spring 2016

See this overview of our beautiful Sacred Garden. The video is narrated by parishioner, Mike Simpson.

St. Mary's Labyrinth 2016

In April 2016, a video, narrated by Leslie Davies, was produced to explain the labyrinth experience as part of St. Mary's Sacred Garden. See below.

Works of Mercy Display 2016

A beautiful exhibit of photographic art by parishioner Lou Perrin was on display in the Gathering Area prior to Easter 2016. View the slideshow below celebrating the seven Corporal Works of Mercy in photographs from across Canada.

Ukrainian Christmas Dinner 2016

Held on January 9th at St. Mary's, this event was well-attended by parishioners and guests. Authentic Ukrainian music was performed by the Korinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble, featuring Iryna, the instrumental soloist. The food was outstanding and the fellowship rewarding. A huge success, thanks to the organizers and cooks!! Have a look at the slideshow below.

Stations of the Cross – Installed 2015 SEE VIDEO OF THE STATIONS (below)

An introduction to the 16-station Way of the Cross in our worship area was posted on the bulletin board leading into the Gathering Area.

The plaques depicting St. Mary's 16 Stations of the Cross were designed by Bonnie Farris and installed by Mike Simpson.

Photos by Warren Harbeck

  • DID YOU KNOW? The Stations of the Cross were installed at St. Mary's in the spring of 2015 with the framing of each station done over the summer.

  • DID YOU KNOW? The beautiful images depicting the Passion and death of Christ were commissioned by our parish and painted by renowned artist Bev Tosh.

  • DID YOU KNOW? There are 16 stations in St. Mary's Way of the Cross, not the traditional 14. Do you know why this is so?

For the answers, have a look at the VIDEO above.

St. Mary's Parish Picnic - July 26, 2015

Photos by Warren Harbeck

St. Athanasius Greek Dinner - May 2, 2015

Music by the nationally acclaimed REMBETIKA HIPSTERS; Photos by Warren Harbeck


In May 2015, St. Mary's was honored to receive the Alberta Masonry Council Design Award 2015 for the unique arches over the main entrance to the church. Read about the design and construction in the article Monumental Masonry Arches from Construction Canada (Oct. 2014, pp. 74-82) written by Mark D. Hagel, PhD, P. Eng. and Monica Guzman, MSc, B. Eng.


More Videos Shared by Our Parishioners

World Day of Prayer 2015

See the celebration that took place on THE WORLD DAY of PRAYER 2015 (Mar. 6th) here at St. Mary's. It was a day to share with other faiths, a day to support another country.

Click photo for the video.

— Video by Pat Grappolini

Pilgrimage to Assisi, Oct. 2013

While on pilgrimage to Assisi in Italy during October 2013, Pat Grappolini had the good fortune to encounter His Holiness, Pope Francis.

Click photo to play Pat's VIDEO about her visit to Assisi.

— Video by Pat Grappolini

Blessing of the Sacred Garden

Bishop Henry blessed the Sacred Garden on Sept 7, 2014. Photos by Warren Harbeck

Building the New St. Mary's Church: Construction Phase One

Photos by Warren Harbeck