Church Construction

Phase One was completed in 2007

The six stained glass windows at the front of the Parish Hall originally adorned the chapel at Calgary's former Holy Cross Hospital. When the hospital was closed, they were no longer needed. St. Mary's, Cochrane acquired them and had the north end of our new Parish Hall designed especially for them in celebration of the beauty of holiness.

The Celtic Cross and Crucifix is a central focus in our worship space in the Parish Hall—at present a temporary worship space until the building of Phase II which will include our Worship Space Proper. The specially designed and handpainted Celtic Cross was a labour of love accomplished by two very talented artists who are parishioners serving on the Arts and Environment Ministry at St. Mary's. Bonnie Farris and Anne Manning painted the Celtic Cross onto the wall of the Parish Hall, then mounted a bronze crucifix that we have had for some time in the parish. The result was a beautiful work of art situated in the centre of the six stained glass windows forming a sacred backdrop to the altar where we celebrate the Sacrifice of the Eucharist every weekend, on holydays throughout the year, and at weddings, funerals, and the initiatory sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation for our parishioners.

The Bells of St. Mary's, all three, arrived in Cochrane from faraway geographic locations where they were each fashioned from bronze in the early 1900's. Needless to say they were quite corroded. The photo shows Marta Stocker busy polishing one of the historical bells. Today all three bells hang proudly in the tall bell tower attached to St. Mary's Parish Centre.

The construction of the bell tower was a masterful endeavor on its own. And when it was finally ready, the three bells were carefully hoisted aloft into that tower to await their sacred duty: chiming out the joyful call to all the Faithful, "Come join us in Holy Worship here at St. Mary's."

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The wrought iron door handles and other iron features/art are also unique to the new St. Mary's church. Hans Stocker of our parish, a retired blacksmith, very graciously offered his expertise to fashion and install the beautiful wrought iron items located throughout the building. See below a collage showing the blacksmithing process in pictures.

Photos by Warren Harbeck