Grocery Cards Fundraiser


    Hello St Mary's!
    Please NOTE: Sale of grocery cards will resume the end of SEPTEMBER.
    This fundraiser has been making significant headway toward our Mortgage Pay-Down!! The profits for 2016 (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st) were $20, 847.00. Congratulations!

    So far in 2017, from January 1st till June 11th, our total profits were $8688.00. Way to go, St. Mary's!!

    HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: (Temporarily Closed. Check back for updates in the Fall)
    • Grocery Cards are available at each weekend Mass or at the Parish Office.
    • You can purchase yours with DEBIT, cash, cheque, MASTERCARD or VISA.
    • Shop at your preferred store and St. Mary's benefits from the discounts.
    • We have cards for Co-op at a new rate (9% profit ).
    • NoFrills/Superstore (5% profit).
    • Safeway/Sobeys (5% profit).
    • Save On Foods (6% profit).

    THE GROCERY CARD PROGRAM has truly been a Win-Win fundraiser. You only have to spend dollar for dollar on each and every $100 Gift Card you buy. That way, the discounts are used to help take down St. Mary's Mortgage payments.

    REMEMBER: sale of grocery cards will resume the end of September 2017.

    Till next time,
    Helen A.K.A. the Owl Lady

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